"I didn't know much about healthy eating before working with allqueenbee. She was patient with me and after two weeks of coaching with her, I felt like I had more energy and clarity for my work day. I recommend her to anyone looking for a nutrition and life coach. She has the most graceful, no-BS approach I've ever experienced!"

- Sunny, Financial Advisor

"Winnie really helped clean up my eating habits. My partner and I were eating take-out multiple times a week before working with her and allqueenbee gave our meal plans an absolute revamp. Knowing we valued convenience and weren't enthused about cooking every meal, she even went above and beyond to recommend meal kit programs, research healthy take-out places within my OWN neighbourhood, and keep me accountable via text. I'm so glad to have her on my team and have already lost 10 pounds!"

- Kimberly, Marketing Executive

"I LOVE allqueenbee's recipes and I'm glad I'm not stuck feeding my family salads and green smoothies (my kids are really picky). I've been with coaches before who use big, scientific words and make the whole process really overwhelming. Winnie is nothing like that. She is kind, supportive, and makes nutrition easy to understand. She is a fantastic coach and her energy is contagious. You want to succeed when working with her and feel inspired to do so."

- Jocelyn, Mother of 3


"Winnie was such a pleasure to work with! Her wellness content and community is so uplifting and inspiring. Her work was creative, detailed, and always on time! So happy to partner with @allqueenbee and can't wait to do so again in the future!"

- Brittany, Owner of The Kimono Store

Kimono Store - allqueenbee.jpg

"We had the pleasure of collaborating with Winnie on multiple Instagram posts and stories and it’s been a wonderful experience. I have always been impressed not only with the quality of Winnie’s work but also with her knowledge, enthusiasm and overall approach. Not only is Winnie an excellent content creator and creative content developer, but she’s been a wonderful source of nutritional information as well. Winnie has truly made a positive impact on my life and well-being and I always look forward to her next Instagram post.

Winnie is very knowledgeable in plant-based nutrition and has many free resources available to help one stay on the path to good nutrition like her Plant Based Recipe E-Book which I cannot recommend enough. Black bean burger in a mushroom bun recipe is to die for. I can’t wait to work with Winnie again."

- Martina, Marketing Manager at Smartbite Snacks

Smart Bite Snacks 2 - allqueenbee

"We are so happy that we had the opportunity to collaborate with Winnie on multiple Instagram posts and stories, it has been a wonderful experience! Winnie’s love for plant-based nutrition is inspiring. Not only is Winnie’s content amazing, her knowledge about nutrition is also so informative. We look forward to working with Winnie again!"

- Roasted Seeds Family at CanMar Foods

Canmar Foods - allqueenbee.jpg

"Winnie is such a kind and positive person, which really translate into her work and relationship with other partners. Our team has worked with her more than once, and it has always been fun with great results!"

- Anna, Co-founder of The Love Scrub Company


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