How you start your mornings set the tone for your ENTIRE DAY!

Do you jump out of bed ready to crush your goals? Or do you whine, press snooze, and zombie through your work day?

Not only is getting adequate sleep important, setting a solid morning routine is vital to high performance and energy.

With that in mind, what does a solid morning routine even look like?! Here are some of my tips for to master your morning routine.

  1. Get out of bed right away. Don't press snooze. Did you know that pressing snooze and 'catching up' on 5-10 more minutes of sleep can throw off your entire day? According to the Cleveland Clinic, and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), sleep experts say that hitting snooze doesn't even help you feel more rested. When falling back asleep, you actually need at least 90 minutes before you get to the restorative sleep state called REM sleep. When you press snooze, you could actually end up feeling more groggy then if you just woke up the first time around! I challenge you to test it out!

  2. Stay in airplane mode and remove digital distractions. Once you open that email and social media wormhole, there is no going back with the constant notifications! Let yourself ease into the morning without being pulled into multiple directions. Be intentional and enjoy the morning!

  3. Have a glass of water. Yes, please do this before your cup of coffee! Hydrate before you caffeinate. After sleeping for 6-8 hours, your body is actually partially dehydrated. You lose water in your sleep through your skin and your breath (maybe even your drool HAHA). In order for you to process the caffeine properly or just start the day right, make sure you lubricate all your tissues and organs!

  4. Have a light breakfast. It's called breakfast because you are breaking the fast of not eating for several hours. Ease your body into digestive functions instead of shocking it with bacon and eggs. This will likely also help you avoid feelings of lethargy.

  5. Do something active. Do some yoga, take a brisk walk, or even go for a bike ride. Get your blood pumping to start your day and release some happy hormones!

  6. Practise some self-love. Do something completely for yourself like sitting in quiet meditation or read a book! Take the time for personal growth and development so you're waking up for life, not waking up for work.

Give these a try and feel ready to take on the day, every day!