Navigating the health and nutrition space is confusing and complicated. But it doesn't have to be if you find the right routine and plan that works for you. It's important to have educated support to help you reach your health goals.

In my experience of nutrition coaching, here are three fad diets I never follow and why.

1) I don't count calories. For me personally, I find this to be tedious, boring, and not sustainable in the long run. The truth is that it is often inaccurate.

As an example, if you were to eat an apple and you plug it into an app on your phone, it might say you had a 50 calorie snack. Not all apples are the same size. So it's highly unlikely the app can properly track your EXACT intake throughout the day.

On top of that, not all calories are of equal quality. 50 calories in potato chips do not provide the same health benefits as 50 calories of fresh vegetables (the veggies are wayyyy better in comparison). Instead of tracking calories, we should be more focused on establishing healthy habits and eating well.

2) I don't do juice cleanses. One of the main benefits of fruits and vegetables is fibre. When you juice your apples, celery, carrots, etc, you normally throw out the flavourless wood chip shavings at the end.

No! This is the fibre that normally helps your body detox and feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut. You get some vitamins and minerals from your juice, but you're missing the mark on one of the most important health benefits.

Instead of going for juices, have water to detox instead or get your vitamins, minerals, and fibre from smoothies. If you really love your juices and want to keep them in your diet, please still do so! But try using the wood chip shaving remainder in soups and stews so you don't miss out!

3) I don't starve myself.

Now there are many studies backed by science that show the positive effects of fasting, but prolonged fasting can do more harm than good. When you starve yourself, you're not feeding your body nutrients needed for growth, energy, and performance. In addition, you can actually throw off your metabolism and gain more weight in the long run.

Instead of starving, try eating smaller, lighter meals instead. You can have salads and smoothies that are still packed with nutrients, and keep the hunger and hangry self at bay!

In summary, it is important to find a healthy balance of nutritious foods in your life. You don't have to take drastic measures to lose weight. It's time to build habits for longevity and feel confident about the amazing choices you're making to live your best life.

If you're ready to explore how to reach your health goals properly, and have unlimited support and accountability through the process, click here for more information about nutrition coaching!